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HomoABCedario: The Challenges with Spanish LGBTQ+'s Vocabulary and ASL

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Recorded On: 06/16/2020

This webinar is 0.2 CEUs in the category of Professional Studies (PS) PPO and is presented at the Little/None Knowledge level. 

When we are talking about the LGBTQ+ vocabulary in the USA we all know that it is as diverse as its members. Imagine now how difficult it could be to manage and work with a LGBTQ+ vocabulary in a language that is used as a main formal language in over 20+ countries ALL AROUND THE WORLD. What would be the challenges that interpreters might face at work? What tools, techniques or guides can be used by the Spanish/English/ASL interpreters? How can the interpreters recognize if the word is an argot, a slang, a regional slang, offensive or a proper accepted term?

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By receiving a terminology list, the participant will identify the country of origin of each term. They will identify if it is a slang, formal word or if it is an offensive term. They will analyze and determine what is the correct correlation or translation into ASL of each of those terms. Participants will have hands-on experience with dialogues and scripts where they will put in practice the identification and selection of correct terms to be used during their interpretation.


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HomoABCedario: The Challenges with Spanish LGBTQ+'s Vocabulary and ASL Webinar
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0.200 PS PPO CEUs credits  |  Certificate available
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Carmelo Falú-Rodríguez

Carmelo Falú-Rodríguez is a native puertorican who learn sign language at eleven years old from the deaf community in Puerto Rico and later received interpreting training at a Non-Profit organization known as Servicios Orientados al Sordo (S.O.S.). He attended the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus where he took courses towards a BA. As Trilingüal interpreter he has worked in a vast ray of scenarios: Legal, Medical, Platform, Educational, Artistic, VRS in Puerto Rico and the USA. He served as Mano a Mano Board Member from 2007 - 2019 as Region Rep, Vice-President and later as a President. Also has been part of RID BLeGIT* Member Section Chair and Co-Chair as well.

Ricardo Lopez

Ricardo Lopez is a Deaf native from Puerto Rico. Graduated from Gallaudet University with a Master of Science in Educational Technology/Special Education, and a Master in School Library Media from the University of Maryland at College Park. His career path being a teacher for deaf students in Cincinnati, Ohio, a federal proposals officer at the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington, DC, and a program analyst with the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Lopez is currently employed at the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, a division of Gallaudet University. His community involvement includes being an advisory committee member on closed-captioning television with federal grants, past president of the National Literary Society of the Deaf, and guest speaker during Deaf History Month at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Public Library and the Library of Congress. Mr. Lopez is currently serving as chairperson of the Maryland Deaf Culture Digital Library.