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Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Webinar Series

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RID has created a Webinar Series that is designed to raise awareness and start a vital conversation exploring and understanding diversity, power, privilege, oppression, as well as foster inclusion. The series will aim to explore causes at the roots of our perception and attitudes. how we develop these attitudes about power, privilege, and oppression individually and collectively, and how our attitudes affect our interpersonal interactions. The series will include five webinars that will be presented over the course of several months. In order to receive CEUs, all webinars must be completed.

If registered for the series, you may miss up to two of the live webinars. In order to still earn CEUs, you must view the the recording of the webinar that was missed before the next live webinar. 

RID is providing this workshop as an opportunity for safe, respectful learning and will not permit harassment, discrimination or horizontal violence based on another's comments, questions, schema, race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or any other protected class.

Reasonable accommodations can be made by emailing the CEC Support Team at